The Top 3 Dropshipping Product Finders & Why You Should Try Them.

What is the most time-consuming part of dropshipping?

Yes, you’re right, product research. 

Wouldn’t it be so much faster if there were people doing that research for you?









“Yes, it would” I hear you shout while making this face.

Luckily for us, there are people doing just that! Finding as many winning products as they can. A beautiful collection of winning products that you can test.

So where can you find these collections?

Well, that’s what we are here to show you. Read on! 




First on the list is Pexda!

Pexda has a huge collection of products from a wide variety of niches. They add new potential winning products every day so you can test what’s working now.

Another cool thing about Pexda, that is important to me is the user interface and usability. It’s a beautifully designed website that makes observing the products easy.

Main Features

1 - Tapped and untapped winning products (Added everyday)

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 10.17.50.png

“Tapped” – Products that are tested winners by fellow marketers.

“Untapped” – Products not tested by dropshippers but performing well on other platforms (Amazon & eBay).

2 - Proven Ad Copy

A neat feature that gives you ideas about what ad copy you could use for your ad.

(Paid feature) Get a link to the exact facebook ad that’s making money from the product.

(Paid feature) Product description that you can use on your product page. Very useful when testing products fast.

3 - Detailed targeting (paid feature)

One of the coolest things about pexda is it’s targeting ideas. When viewing a product pexda gives you a list of different targeting ideas you could use on facebook ads. I have to say I was a bit sceptical (as I always am) about this feature. However, they impressed me. The targeting ideas given are very well thought out and ultimately save you loads of time when you want to test aggressively.

4 - Auto Ad Scroll Chrome Extention (Paid Feature)

This extension scrolls through your Facebook feed to find ads.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 11.51.22










It’s the coolest little extension that is irresistible not to click when you are on facebook. Saves a lot of time when doing manual product research.

PRO TIP : Use Pexda with Poweradspy to find winning products 
and who is promoting them right now.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately Pexda is a great tool that can find you winning products. With all the features Pexda makes the process quicker than it has ever been. From FB ad copy to the actual product research itself.

❌ Better quicker customer support.

tick Time-saving.

tick Find winning products easily.

tick Product descriptions.

tick Facebook ad copy and targeting (paid feature).

tick All the tools you need to run a successful store.

While it is true that the best features and the most time saving are paid, if you make two sales a month you can pay of your plan. If you can make the investment I would definitely go for it. You will be saving so much of your time.

If you want to try Pexda you can try their $1.95 for first 14 days deal. 

Click Here To Try Pexda



Dropship Spy


Dropship spy gives an image of a secret spy agent hunting facebook ads to find the best winning products. But is he a good spy? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 13.42.00.png

Main Features

1 - Two new proven winning products added everyday

Each product added comes with product descriptions and profit breakdowns. If you are a paid member you also get 2x facebook ad copy, video ads and sales figures.

2 - Promicing Products

As well as getting two new products every day you also get the promising products section. This is a collection of products that have been especially looked into by the team. Members can request products in the niche they are in. 

3 - Instagram Shoutouts and Research

This feature let’s you quickly find out the best influencers to approach for shoutouts in your niche or product niche. With this tool, you can see engagement, price breakdowns and follower count.

4 - Facebook Audiences (Paid Feature)

When you are a member you have access to suggested target audience that you can use for your FB ads.

Final Thoughts

I think if you are on a budget and want to have access to a big list of products you can try out, then dropship spy could be for you.

I have to say they have improved a lot since their beginnings. Products have improved and features added. It is a very pleasing interface also that makes finding products fun.

I really like that you can request products from your niche. I have spoken with the team quite a lot, they are very friendly and very passionate about making their site the top dropshipping product finder.

❌ Facebook audiences are not very detailed

❌ No link to facebook ad

tick 2 new products added every day

tick Request products for your niche

tick List of suppliers for each product

tick Great if you are on a budget

Try Dropship Spy Here





Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 16.52.24.png

Ecomhunt has great products, Ecom Hunt has a great feeling website and Ecom Hunt has great support.

I personally use this product finder the most out of the top 3 list.

Main Features

Quality Products + Quality Photos

I have to say the images they source are very good and look very professional as you can tell by the picture above. Due to the quality of the products you can mark them at a higher price.

Analytics, engagement, links, FB links, video and targeting

Ecomhunt provides most of the same features as the aforementioned product finders.

Extremely useful parameters to help you with your FB ads.

Chrome extension - Adhunter

Another neat chrome extension that allows you to turn your Facebook news feed into an ads feed. Save ads and track their engagement over time. Very handy for seeing which products have longevity.

Final Thoughts

I like this product finder because it does not over complicate anything. It’s very easy to use. It makes everything seamless.

I am a big believer in having a good workflow. When I use this product finder I don’t feel myself getting annoyed by the website and how long it takes to get around to where you want to go.

❌ No requests for niches

tick Highest quality products

tick Well designed site

tick Handy chrome extension

tick Good price

Try Ecomhunt here



If you want to speed up your dropshipping process then product finders are the best way. They are also not just product finders but also give you options for ad copy and facebook targeting ideas.

You can use all these sites for free but for the best results, I would suggest deciding on one and becoming a member. 

Thank you for reading.


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